Arcadian Images is a photography company based in Kent, we value our clients and strive for quality


Arcadian Images is a professional photography company based in Margate, Kent and travelling wherever our work takes us. It is our aim to provide great quality photographs for all and believe that our pricing reflects this.



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The term ‘arcadian’ originates from Arcadia, a beautiful and mountainous region of ancient Greece, and has been put to use historically and poetically to describe scenes of natural, painterly beauty. This description fits perfectly with our aims to create timeless and beautiful work for you to enjoy. It is also the name of the building from which Arcadian Images was founded and is currently based.

This was serendipity that could not be ignored. 


We strive to provide our customers with photographs that will outlive trends and stand above passing fads. We believe quality lasts, and that a great photograph will remain so for an eternity.

Arcadian Images and all of its imagery is led by Natalie Grainger, a practicing freelancer and graduate of BA (hons) Photography. Often assisted by selected associates, all photographers who represent our company have undertaken a similar formal qualification. This is one of many elements of our business that separates us and our aims from the rest, as many professionals in the industry will not have trained before beginning their career, thus, we offer quality and reassurance to boot.

Our pricing is clear and justified with no hidden surprises along the way. All finished image files are delivered to you, our customer in a timely fashion via digital transfer, yours to print and share as you wish, however and wherever you choose.

We can’t wait to work with you, why not check out our portfolio and price list or enquire now to secure your date!